About Us

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The Center for Transition &  Career Innovation partners with local, state and national organizations to improve college and career readiness for students and youth with disabilities.  The Center serves as a local, state and federal resource to improve college and career readiness for students and youth with disabilities.


  • Conduct rigorous research and evaluation of transition services for special education students in secondary education settings, including collaborative interventions that inform policies and practices both in Maryland and nationally.

  • Disseminate research findings to scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and the general public.

  • Offer a range of professional development opportunities through research symposia, institutes, courses, workshops and consultation.

  • Identify and disseminate best practices, targeted technical assistance, and related professional development activities.  

  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive repository of transition services data on students with disabilities in Maryland to evaluate services and post-school outcomes;  

  • Generate recommendations for system reform to improve post-school outcomes for students with disabilities.

Key partners
This is the logo for DORS.
DORS helps people with physical, emotional, intellectual, developmental, sensory and learning disabilities go to work and keep their jobs by providing services such as career assessment and counseling, assistive technology, job training, higher education and job placement.


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Division of Early Intervention and Special Education coordinates services to children and students with disabilities, birth through 21, and their families. 


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We also partner with the Maryland Department of Disabilities (MDOD). MDOD is charged with coordinating and improving the delivery of services to individuals with disabilities in the state of Maryland.