Web Services

Web Services, in Educational Technology Services (ETS) supports the College in the technical aspects of development and maintenance of their portions of the College websites.

You can report a problem by emailing the Web Specialist at coe-web-services.

Web Support
The Web Specialist trains content managers on the creation and maintenance of College and Departmental Web Sites. You can consult with the web specialist on advice with (to name a few):

  • One-on-one trainings in Drupal;
  • Access to portions of the college webspace (authorization required as described under the Web Governance tab);
  • Assistance with more advanced Drupal features and tasks;
  • Requesting new Drupal modules or features;
  • Training on using Qualtrics for advanced form submissions and surveys;
  • Website organization, navigation and the "look and feel" of your site, based on College Communications Office guidelines.

Web Governance refers to the collection of policies and practices which govern roles and responsibilities for managing content on the College of Education website (see Approvers).  These policies and practices are developed as a collaboration between ETS and the COE Office of Communications, with the former focusing on technical aspects (account access) and the latter on content guidelines (e.g., writing for the web).

For web governance, there are several roles, which may be shared by individuals at any specific level:

Access Approvers
Content Admins (Primary and Secondary)
Content Authors

As part of the administration of AWS accounts, each department assumes responsibility for managing those accounts. This primarily means that all requests for new AWS accounts need to orginate or be approved by the contacts below, prior to sending the request to the Web Specialist.

An Access Approver is responsible for authorizing new accounts, approving current account lists on a periodic basis (sent from the web specialist), and approving the deletion of access when not superceded by other policies. A Content Admin has primary responsibility (secondaries serve as backup) for ensuring that content within their scope is kept up-to-date, accurate, and in-line with current campus and college web guidelines.  A Content Author has responsibility to create, maintain and update content on a page- or section-specific basis.  Content Admins often serve as Content Authors for portions of their site.  Below is a chart of Access Approvers and Content Admins for the major portions of our site.

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Specific College of Education Web Info

College, Department and Unit Web Managers (i.e., Web Governance)

Access Approvers

Trainings offered through ETS



Section 508 (Rehabilitation Act) compliance
HiSoftware Cynthia Says - visual 508 validator

Bandwidth Meters

Ookla Speedtest
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Other HTML Resources

(an HTML simulator)

(coding special characters and everything else about character codes)

(identifying color codes)

(WWW Consortium that sets web guidelines)

(Markup Validation Service)

(Web standards and best practices)

(Another HTML library created by the above for HTML 4.0)

(CSS library created by the above)



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