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Project RISE

Day Five: Presentation and Organization

Objective: Fellows will present their research proposals using powerpoint. Fellows will be introduced to Mendeley and Zotero.

Welcome Activity: Fellows played an icebreaker game and discussed their major takeaways from this week. (30 min)

Activity One: Presentations and Peer Feedback (2 hours)

Fellows presented their research proposal to the group using the powerpoint they created the day before.

Fellows provided constructive feedback to each presenter and asked follow up questions to simulate a conference environment

Activity Two: Citation Manager Introduction (1 - 1.5 hours)

Fellows investigated Zotero and Mendeley Citation Mangagers to support organizational skills.

Instructors provided an overview of each software and guided fellows to UMD's Library resources.

Slide about how to install mendeley

Activity Three: Research Design Post Test (30 mins)

Fellows completed an open ended survey about Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Research Methods on Canvas-ELMs.

Activity Four: Looking Ahead and Review Summer Academy expectations