Rise 01

Project RISE

Day One: Introduction to Research

Objective: Fellows will define Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Research Methods.

Welcome Activities: For our first session of the week, fellows spent time getting to know each other, the RISE instructors and Project RISE. (2 hours)

Fellows created a Get to Know You Powerpoint Slide

Fellows were introduced to our Summer Syllabus, ELMS, and Course Expectations

Activity One: Pretest (30 min)

Before diving into the assigned readings, fellows were asked to complete a pre assessment to determine their starting point with research methods.

Activity Two: Guided Reading and Gallery Walk (1.5 hours)

  • Students were assigned online articles about Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Research Methods.


For the “Gallery Walk”, students posted on a Padlet answering:

  • What is Qualitative Research?

  • What is Quantitative Research?

  • What is Mixed Methods Research?

  • What is a Systematic Review?

This padlet will be used as a virtual anchor chart for students’ reference

PDF icon Student Responses * (77.96 KB)

Activity Three: Group Discussions (30-50 mins)

Fellows were placed into small groups to discuss there answers. Fellows transitioned to a discussion of their research interests and how it connects to literacy.