Project RISE

Day Three: Systematic Review and Research Questions

Objective: Fellows will be able to define the concept of "Clear Process".

Welcome Activity:

Fellows started the day with a scavenger hunt team building/get to know you activity. (30 mins)

Activity 1: Research Questions (30 min)

Fellows started the next session with converting their research interests into questions with partner help. 


Activity 2: Defining the Systematic  Review  (2 hour)

  • Fellows reviewed their Padlet definition of a systematic review and viewed an information video.

Watch Here: YouTube Link

Conduct a Systematic Review


Activity 3: Systematic Review Deep Dive (1 hour)

Group Work Assignment: Fellows were grouped and asked to deconstruct a systematic Review using the Clear Process guidelines.

Fellows came together and engaged in a group discussion on Systematic Reviews and the components of their assigned article.

Activity 4: Fellows reviews Project RISE's major outcome requirements. We discussed the project expectations and fielded questions. (30-50 mins)


PM Work: Fellows continued to work on their Final Project: Research Proposal.