RISE fellows year three Zoom group photo

Project RISE

Summer 2021 Curriculum Example

For Week One, facilitators lead a variety of ice breakers and team builders to build community.

In our first week, the fellows received an overview of the GRE, Systematic Reviews, and Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Research.

Some of the activities completed: 

  • Padlet Gallery Walk to define Qualitative, Quantative and Mixed Methodologies

  • Exploring profiles of literacy and language professors at UMD & BSU

  • Started to formuate research interests and composed research questions

  • Analyzing systematic reviews for a “clear process” using SALSA and PRISMA

  • Final Project: Wrote a 2-page research proposal

Week at a Glance

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Fellows will build community and get to know each other and Project Rise.

Fellows will complete a pre-test on research methodology and systemic reviews prior knowledge.

Fellows will be able to distinguish between Qualtitative, Quantitative and Mixed-Method research practices.

  1. What is Research Powerpoint Review

  2. Scavenger Hunt: BSU and UMD professors related to Language and Literacy

  3. Research Review Activity

  4. Formuate research interests

  5. Complete Research Design Group work

Fellows will be able to define and identity key components of a Systematic Review

  1. Systematic Review Overview

  2. Systematic Review Activity

  3. Composed personal research questions

Fellows will apply their knowledge by completing a mini-research proposal and completing a Post-test.

Fellows will present their research proposal.


Fellows will investigate citation managers and research organizational tools

  • Reading Articles on research methodologies.
  • Post on the "What is research?" padlet (a shared resource)
Post research ideas on Jamboard

Using a sentence frame, craft a question that you want to know about your interest.

Submit research proposal for feedback.  
For our research lesson plan, click here!


Sample Syllabus: