The Department of Human Development & Quantitative Methodology (HDQM) at the University of Maryland is pleased to begin accepting applications for Fall 2018 to its off-campus, 30 credit Master of Education in Human Development program, with courses offered primarily face-to-face at the Universities at Shady Grove and on-line.

This program embodies a cohort model, wherein groups of applicants are admitted each fall semester, and progress together through the two-year sequence of courses. The program focuses on theory and contemporary educational research related to child and adolescent social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development, and the translation of that research into principles of instructional practice that positively influence students' academic achievement, motivation to achieve, and school adjustment in education settings. There is a strong programmatic emphasis on diversity and the impact of individual differences on educational outcomes. Past students are typically in-service, certified teachers or counselors who wish to study developmental influences on school achievement, but we welcome applications from anyone who is interested in studying the program content.

Information Packet Off Campus

Go to graduate admission requirements page for more information. Select an area of interest from the various offerings in the College of Education to determine the admission requirements and deadlines. 

Please refer to the Guide to Applying for instructions on how to apply for graduate admission. If you have questions or concerns, we ask you to first review our list of Frequently Asked Questions.  For questions about the application process, or to check on the completion of your application please contact:

Judy Foster, Coordinator of Graduate Admissions
Office of Student Services, College of Education
(301) 405-2359                  

After you apply for graduate admission you may check your application status by logging into the online graduate application using your user name and password.  Graduate faculty in the Academic Department you applied to will review your completed application for graduate admission.  Questions regarding application reviews and decision recommendations should be directed to the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology (HDQM).  Please contact:

Jannitta Graham, Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
(301) 405-2827


Please contact the Office of Student Services,, or (301) 405-2364.

Academic advisement for graduate students is provided by the graduate faculty in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology (HDQM).   For advising information, please contact the Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Jannitta Graham at (301) 405-8384 or

Visit the Graduate School Fellowship and Graduate Assistantship web page for additional funding opportunities 

For information about other student financial aid, review the Office of the Student Financial Aid website.


A student seeking any graduate degree at the University of Maryland must maintain an average grade of “B” (3.0) across all courses taken for graduate credit. A student who has been granted provisional admission to this program must first meet the objectives outlined in the admission requirements to gain full graduate status, and then maintain a “B” average in all courses to follow. Students must also maintain continuous registration in the course sequence offered by the program. Exceptions must be discussed with the Program Director.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ann Battle at (Phone: 301-405-8714), or
Ms. Jannitta Graham, Graduate Coordinator, at (Phone: 301-405-8432), for assistance.

Academic deadlines are provided by the Office of the Registrar for the academic year.  


Students should check with their Department or Program for any deadlines it may have.  Please contact:


Jannitta Graham, Coordinator of Graduate Studies

Human Development and Quantitative Methodology
(301) 405-2827

Graduate students in the College of Education are responsible for meeting University and the Graduate School policy, and for meeting Program requirements.   The Graduate Catalog  is the official listing of Policies governing graduate education at the University of Maryland.  The schedule adjustment policy is available from the Office of the Registrar and provides information on adding and dropping courses, penalties, and refund schedules.


The Graduate Student Life Handbook provides information on academics, campus resources, finances, health, job opportunities, and information on how to get involved as a graduate student. 


Graduate students are required to submit various forms at specific points in the program and as part of the degree clearance process. To determine the steps and forms that are required, visit the following link "Graduate Studies forms"