Welcome to the homepage of the College of Education Retirees' Association (COERA). The Association is comprised of retirees (faculty and staff) of the College of Education at the University of Maryland and their spouse or significant other.

One of the goals of COERA is to provide a link to the College and to other retired members of the College. Another is to provide opportunities for members to maintain a relation with and service to the University, as well as pertinent educational, recreational, social and volunteer activities.

The COERA has a luncheon for members and their guests every Fall, which usually includes a short business meeting and a talk by someone of interest to the members. A major part of these functions is for members to converse with each other and to informally share information about their retirement. 

The COERA is governed by a Board of Directors of five members elected by the membership. Officers of the Board are elected annually by the Board of Directors. At the annual meeting of the Association, directions and guidance can be given to the Board by the general membership. You can download our bylaws (Word format) and plan of organization. If you require any additional information about the COERA, please contact any member of the Board or the President of the Association. Again, welcome to the homepage of the COERA.

Robert Hardy

President - Robert Hardy
Vice President - Jean Hebler
Secretary/Treasurer - Albert Gardner
Member - George Marx
Member - William DeLorenzo
Alternate Member - Ann Matteseon (pic coming soon)

Retiree's Committee

For Further Information Contact Robert Hardy