EDMS 451 Introduction to Educational Statistics (3 Credits)
Introduction to statistical reasoning; location and dispersion measures; computer applications; regression and correlation; formation of hypotheses tests; t-test; one-way analysis of variance; analysis of contingency tables.
EDMS 451, Section 0101


EDMS 623 Applied Measurement: Issues and Practices (3 Credits)
Measurement theory and its application at an intermediate level; test development, validation and interpretation; issues and recent developments in measurement.
EDMS 623, Section 0101


EDMS 645 Quantitative Research Methods I (3 Credits)
Research design and statistical applications in educational research: data representation; descriptive statistics; estimation and hypothesis testing. Application of statistical computer packages is emphasized.
EDMS 645, Section 0101


EDMS 646 General Linear Models I (3 Credits)
A first post-introductory inferential statistics course, with emphasis on analysis of variance procedures and designs from within the general linear modeling framework. Assignments include student analysis of education and related data; application of statistical software packages is emphasized.
EDMS 646, Section 0101


EDMS 651 General Linear Models II (3 Credits)
Multiple regression and correlation analysis; trend analysis; hierarchical and stepwise procedures; logistic regression; software for regression analysis.
EDMS 651, Section 0101


EDMS 655 Introduction to Multilevel Modeling (3 Credits)
Introduction to multilevel models and methodology as strategies for modeling change and organizational effects.
EDMS 655, Section 0101


EDMS657 Exploratory Latent and Composite Variable Methods (3 Credits)
Development of models for exploratory factor analysis and their practical applications. Additional topics will draw from latent class analysis, cluster analysis, mixture models, canonical correlation, multidimensional scaling, and configural frequency analysis.
EDMS 657, Section 0101


EDMS 738R Seminar in Special Problems in Measurement: Diagnostics for Response Models (1-3 Credits)
An opportunity for students with special interests to focus in depth on contemporary topics in measurement. Topics to be announced, but will typically be related to applied and theoretical measurement.
EDMS 738R, Section 0101


EDMS 769G Special Topics in Applied Statistics in Education (3 Credits)
Special topic: Graphical Causal Models for Causal Inference
Designed primarily for students majoring or minoring in measurement, statistics or evaluation.
EDMS 769G, Section 0101