To submit a digital tv slide, please send your request to at least 10 days in advance of an event or deadline; the digital tv slides are only updated weekly or biweekly. You may either request that the communications team designs a slide for you, in which case you should email the appropriate information to the communications email address, or you may design a slide using the College or departmental template and then send us the slide. 

College of Education template CHSE template HDQM template TLPL template

If you are including a link in your slide, please use the URL shortener

If you do not have an image, you can search our Flickr page or send an email to to request access to our image library on box. If you do not find an appropriate image on either of these sites, and do not have a photo of your own, you may search and send us the link for the image you want to use. Please make sure it is part of the Essentials subscription package.