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Drs. Cixin Wang and Charissa Cheah receieve Russeel Sage Foundation Grant!

Their reserach examines how the experience of anti-Asian sentiment and discrimination informs social identity development and civic engagement among Asian American parents and their adolescent children in times of COVID-19.

Drs. Cixin Wang and Charissa Cheah were interviewed by MCPS TV on rally building and how to create safe spaces for Asian-American students

Dr. Cixin Wang and Jocelyn Yao provided a workshop to more than 120 parents on Bullying Prevention: Do’s and Don’ts for Parents.

PGCPS Workshop


Presentation at Prince George County Public School Family Institute on 3/18.     

Check out the slides here:



Dr. Cixin Wang, winner of APA Visionary Grant!

APA Visionary Grant

 Dr. Cixin Wang was invited to give a presentation about Asian American Youth Mental Health at MCPS Mental Health Fair.

Title: How to Talk so Your Teens will Listen: Understanding Mental Health needs among Asian American Youth

Dr. Cixin Wang gives a presentation on suicide prevention to parents at Thomas Jefferson High School

Suicide Prevention

      Presentation Slides and Audio:               

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COVID-19 Related News

Dr. Wang and lab affiliates facilitate a series of 8-week culturally-responsive, virtual workshops for Chinese American parents on positive parenting and effective ways to address bullying/ discrimiation during COVID-19 pandemic. 
Parent Teen Workshop


Check out the Slides here:




Dr. Cixin Wang was invited to speak at the Cabin John Middle School PTA meeting on  Tuesday, May 12. 


If you missed the awesome and insightful presentaions form the CJMS PTSA featuring Prof. Cixin Wang presenting on Parenting during a Pandemic, click on the link to review the presentation:

NSF Study on COVID-19 Related Discrimination Against Chinese Americans

Since the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we have heard increasing fear, anxiety, and discrimination against Chinese Americans. Supported by a grant from NSF, Dr. Cixin Wang and Dr. Charissa Cheah have been studying the experiences of Chinese families in the United States and how to help children and parents cope with discrimiation during COVID-19. Their paper has been published in Pediatrics.

MD Today Piece on COVID Discrimination Reserach

Parenting Through the Pandemic
Dr. Cixin Wang and Dr. Andrea Chronis- Tuscano present a Webinar: Parenting Through a Pandemic

Parenting Through A Pandemic: Evidence-Based Tips Webinar

Presented by: Dr. Andrea Chronis-Tuscano and Dr. Cixin Wang

When: May 29th 11 am to 12 pm 

Register online:  ICAHOWARD.ORG/EVENTS 



Another Webinar on Parenting Through  the Pandemic

COVID-19 Webinar: Parenting During the Pandemic

Dr. Cixin Wang joins other mental health providers to provide another webinar on parenting and youth mental health during COVID-19.

When: Friday, June 19, 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting:                                                                        Meeting ID: 817 8397 5102             

  YouTube 泛亞頻道直播:


Dr. Cixin Wang joined colleagues in Asian American Psychological Association and American Psychological Association Div 45 to make two videos on "How Asian Americans can respond to COVID-19 discrimination"



Current Workshops and Youth Mental Health First Aid 

Parenting Workshop image Dr. Wang
Asian American Parenting Workshop: Dr. Wang and students are currently offering parenting workshops to Asian American parents on how to prevent bullying and promote youth mental health at Churchill High School.  




Youth Mental Health First Aid Parent Workshop: Dr. Wang and students are offering Youth Mental Health First Aid for parents at MCPS.



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YMHFA Flyer Final

Youth Mental Health First Aid Student Workshop: Dr. Wang and Dr. Jia Liu offered Youth Mental Health First Aid for students at UMD. 


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Ethnic Racial Socialization Project 

Ethnic Racial Socialization Flyer
Dr. Wang and Dr. Jia Liu are studying how Chinese American mothers talk to their children about race and ethnicity.  Ethnic racial socialization (ERS) are the parental messages concerning children’s race and ethnicity to foster knowledge and appreciation for their cultural heritage, prepare children for possible encounters of societal racism, stereotypes, and discrimination, and/or promote wariness of other ethnic groups (Grindal & Nieri, 2015; Hughes et al., 2006). Although research demonstrates the importance of cultural socialization and preparation for bias in preparing young children to enter school settings, these parenting practices are relatively rare among Asian immigrant groups. Our current ERS study seeks to overcome some of those limitations by examining the ERS messages that low-income and middle-class Chinese immigrant parents convey to their young 5-6 year-old children in a videotaped shared book-reading task and one-hour qualitative interview with mothers.  




Drs. Cixin Wang and Rashawn Ray Receive BBI Seed Grant to Develop Cyberbullying Interventions

Cixin Wang
Drs. Cixin Wang (Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education) and Rashawn Ray (Sociology) received a BBI seed grant for their project: The Impact of Race and Gender on Cyberbullying and Interventions among Middle School and High School Students. Despite the rise and detrimental effects of cyberbullying, there is little research that addresses how the race and gender of victims impact the likelihood of bystanders to intervene. Their research directly responds to these concerns with the aim of identifying the cognitive, risk, mental health, and protective factors that increase the likelihood of peers to intervene in cyberbullying. Intervening is a stressful encounter. Accordingly, rarely is the physiology of bystanders assessed. Results from this study will inform their future work to speak to this important gap in the literature. In addition to developing an educational plan that will be implemented by Prince George’s County Public Schools, they plan to use results from this study to apply for external grants to develop a virtual reality program that examines the physiological responses of bystanders. Read more about the BBI grant program here. 

Culturally Responsive Parenting Workshops for Asian Americans 

Asian American Parenting Workshop Flyer
Dr. Cixin Wang and colleagues are currently leading a 7-session culturally-responsive workshop for Asian American parents at Robert Frost Middle School in Rockville, Maryland. Topics will include improving communication, solving conflicts, preventing bullying, and home-school communication strategies. For more information, please contact Cixin Wang at


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Village Initiative Community Resource Seminar

resource flyer
The Village Initiative is a continued joint effort of the CCACC-Mental Health 360, Chinese American Parent Association and the Asian American Studies Program of the University of Maryland.  The Village Initiative aims at promoting overall wellbeing of our community by providing information, resource referral and other resources for community members in need.

In this event, we will showcase the inspiring growing journey of Ms. Jiang Xinrou, a young lady lost her hearing at the age of 8 months, grew into a graceful professional dancer.  We also invited MCPS professionals, as well as community organizations who provide resource and service for students with special needs to join our panel discussion.


Culturally Responsive Parenting Workshops

Parenting Workshop Flyer
Dr. Cixin Wang and colleagues  lead a 6-session workshop at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, Maryland through December 2018 for parents of Asian American students with the goal of reducing bullying and depression, improving parent-child communication and problem-solving skills, and providing evidence-based strategies for parents. Topics included effective communication, enhancing emotional awareness, use of praise in parenting, bullying prevention, and strategies for communicating with schools. Please contact for more information. 

Parent-Teen Connect Workshop Series

Parent-Teen Connect Flyer
Dr. Cixin Wang and colleagues led culturally-responsive workshops aimed at parents of teenagers with an emphasis on bridging cultural and generational gaps and building positive family relationships. Topics include improving parent-teen communication, problem-solving and stress management. 


The Hear Me Out Essay Contest

Essay Contest Flyer
The Hear Me Out! essay contest was an opportunity for immigrant parents and children of immigrant parents to share their personal stories exploring cultural and generational issues within their families. The 27 winners of the essay contest were honored in a ceremony on April 6, 2018. 

Dr. Cixin Wang on the NASP Podcast Discussing Social Justice Perspectives on Bullying Prevention