Technology, Interventions, and Inclusion in Autism Lab (TIIA)


K-12 Virtual Math Study

Description: This project examines the effectiveness of virtual methods of mathematics instruction for autistic children, both in terms of the instruction itself and the technology through which it is delivered. Through this project, we will evaluate the effectiveness of using various mathematical strategies, including but not limited to video modeling, manipulatives, augmented reality applications, mathematical games, etc. based on a child's specific needs to teach mathematics skills to children.
Ongoing recruitment

A flyer describing a virtual math study.

A flyer describing a virtual math study



Sibling Collaborative Video-Based Learning

Description: This project examines sibling-collaborative video-based learning of daily living skills for 3-17-year-old autistic children and youth and their siblings. Research sessions and data collection occur virtually via Zoom meetings with the research team, online questionnaires, and the submission of video clips. For more information, please see the study flyer below.
Collaborators: Dr. Veronica Kang (University of Maryland, College Park)
Ongoing recruitment: email

A flyer with details about a sibling collaboration study