2020-21 Colloquia Series

The Center for Math Education hosts a monthly colloquia series to bring the best mathematics education researchers from across the nation to nurture our research interests, enrich our projects, and expand our perspectives. This year all the sessions will be virtual. Graduate students and faculty are invited to join the presentations and discussion. Informal conversations that expand the learning from the presentation always follow.

Previous Colloquia Series

September 25, 2020
Gloriana Gonzalez headshot

Gloriana Gonzalez


October 23, 2020
Brian Lawler

Brian Lawler


December 11, 2020
Karisma Morton headshot

Karisma Morton 


January 22, 2021
Zandra De Araujo

Zandra de Araujo


February 26, 2021
Caro Williams-Pierce

Caro Williams-Pierce


March 26, 2021
Kari Kokka 


April 23, 2021
Peter Michelle

Michelle Peters 


May 28, 2021
Chris Rasmussen

Chris Rasmussen 



For more information about the colloquia series, please contact 
Dr. Imani Goffney