Frequently Asked Questions

Is the COE-CARES Psychological Center currently accepting new clients? 

The COE-CARES Psychological Center is not accepting new clients at this time. 

How do I get started?

Either send an email to or call (301)-405-9931 to start the process. Please include the following information: name, contact information so we can reach you back, services seeking broadly (e.g., child or adult; therapy or assessment), and any other relevant information you deem essential. One of our representatives will follow up with you within 3 business days, and coordinate a phone intake to discuss our services. Any correspondence through email will be saved as part of the client's file. Due to this documentation procedure, we suggest limiting the email content to scheduling information.

Please note: Email is not a secure form of communication. Emails are vulnerable to unauthorized access due to the fact that servers or communication companies may have unlimited and direct access to all emails that go through them. Generally, emails are not encrypted in transit over the Internet. It is always a possibility that email and faxes can be sent erroneously to the wrong address and computers. Email messages on your computer, laptop, tablet computer, phone, or other devices have inherent privacy risks- especially when your email access is provided through your employer or school, or when access to your email messages is not well protected. 

Where are you located?

The COE-CARES Psychological Center is located in the College of Education Suite (Suite 1102), on the first floor (one floor from the ground floor) in the Seneca Building. To find out suite, enter the Seneca building and take the elevator or stairs to the first floor. If coming from the elevator, exit on the first floor, turn right, turn left, and then you will see the College of Education glass door suite. Ring the doorbell and someone will let you into the space.

Our address is 1102 Seneca Building, 4716 Pontiac Street, College Park, MD 20740. 

What are your hours?

Generally, our hours are regular business hours 9am-5pm. Depending on our clinician availability, these hours may be more flexible in the morning or evening. We have limited availability for evening services on Tuesdays for the fall semester.

Where should I park?

We are located in the Seneca Building (4716 Pontiac Street). If you are coming to the center before 4pm, please coordinate with your clinician to park in our designated Center parking spots. Other parking options include parking on Pontiac Street or Quebec Street, or paying the metered parking at a rate of $3 per hour. If you visit the center after 4pm, all parking in the Seneca lot is free.

What are the fees for clinical services?

Our clinical service fees are more than half of the regular fees of service in the area. Our flat rate fees are $100 for each therapy session ($20 for UMD students [please see below for other requirements]) and $1,350 for a comprehensive assessment battery. We offer a sliding scale discount based on household income and number of people living the household. Please inquire with us for an estimate based on the sliding scale fee structure.

What if I need to cancel a session?

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, such that if you cancel within 24-hours, no charge will be incurred. A cancellation with less than a 24-hour notice will result in a $15 cancellation charge for therapy and a $50 cancellation charge for assessment. We also have a missed session (no-show) fee: $20 no-show fee for therapy and a $50 no-show fee for assessment.

Cancellation and missed session (no-show) charges will be due at the beginning of the next session, before clinical services can resume. 

Are University of Maryland students eligible to receive services?

University of Maryland students are welcome at the COE-CARES Psychological Center for assessment services without any referral. If you are a UMD student and would like counseling/therapy services, you must go through the UMD Counseling Center for a referral to our center. Students should contact COE-CARES Psychological Center or the UMD Counseling Center (301-314-7651; for further questions.

Can you tell me more about your videotaping policies?

As a training clinic, we require our clinicians to videotape all of their sessions, including the intake (first) session. One of the main reasons we do this is to verify we are providing you the best services possible. Video recording are used for supervision, training, and educational services only; they are not intended to be used for clinical services (e.g., viewing by client in session). Videos are stored on a password protected system and recordings are deleted after the clinical relationship concludes or at the end of the semester, whichever comes second. If you feel uncomfortable with our videotaping policy, we can provide you with other clinical services/referrals in the area.