This section includes press releases and news about education issues in Maryland.

UMD Report Examines Schools with High Suspension Rates in Maryland

College Park, MD (October 30, 2018)—A new report by University of Maryland researchers on schools in Maryland with high suspension rates—defined as suspending 25 percent or more of students in a subgroup—examines factors that relate to high rates of exclusionary discipline at the school level. At the elementary and secondary school level, researchers found that students with disabilities and black students were disproportionately suspended in Maryland.

Does School Composition Matter? Estimating the Relationship between Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Achievement in Maryland Public Schools, 2015-2016
College Park, MD (October, 2017) A new report by the Maryland Equity Project at the University of Maryland College of Education examined the relationship between the racial/ethnic and socioeconomic demographics in Maryland public schools and school achievement. On both the state and school district level, the research team found a significant relationship between school composition—as measured by low-income, black, and white student enrollment—and performance.

Bridging the Divide: Baltimore SUN Series on School Segregation
College Park (March 2017) - In this four part series, Baltimore Sun reporters Liz Bowie and Erica L. Green examine how Maryland schools are becoming more segregated even as the state population is diversifying. The Maryland Equity Project at the University of Maryland created a database for the series that breaks down every public school's racial and socioeconomic makeup. 

     Graphic:  How integrated is your school district? (3.17.17)

     Map:  Economic and racial composition of Maryland public schools (3.17.17)

Ahn Presents MEP Policy Brief on Online Education to Maryland Legislators
College Park (February 2015) - This month, the Maryland Equity Project released a new policy brief on the future of online education in Maryland. Assistant Professor June Ahn of the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership and the iSchool, along with MEP co-authors Bradley Quarles and Austin Beck, presented findings and recommendations at a legislative briefing in Annapolis on Wednesday, February 4.

Maryland Equity Project Releases Report on Public School Enrollment, Hosts Speakers 
College Park (November 2014) - This is a busy month for the Maryland Equity Project (MEP), which has released a new policy report finding that public school enrollment in Maryland is becoming both economically poorer and more racially diverse. Additionally, MEP is hosting the School-Community Partnership Institute on November 20 and a talk by Dr. Odis Johnson Jr. in the Benjamin Building on November 21.

Maryland Equity Project Releases Report on Public School Enrollment in Maryland
Research finds more poor students, more racial diversity, but also more school segregation
College Park, MD (November 13, 2014) – A new report from the Maryland Equity Project finds that public school enrollment is becoming more racially diverse and poorer. Tracking demographic changes between 1990 and 2010, the public schools have shown a steady decline in the share of enrollment that is White and continued growth in minority students. Minority enrollment accounted for 56% of students in 2010.

University Researchers Launch Project to Aid State Legislature
Maryland Equity Project seeks improved school enrollment
Posted: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 12:36 am
Jeremy Snow/For The Diamondback
University Researchers launched a project Tuesday that aims to make research more accessible to policymakers and to improve the quality of education in the state.

COE Launches New Center Aimed at Influencing Education Policy (November 2013)
In an effort to forge stronger linkages between education researchers and state policymakers and encourage an informed policy dialogue to end disparities in educational opportunities, the College of Education and the Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (TLPL) have launched the Maryland Equity Project.