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My research interests focus on the intersections of race, gender, and technology, the diverse experiences of Black collegians and academics within higher education, career pathways for professionals of color, graduate education equity and inclusion initiatives, and strategic leadership planning.

Intersection of health and overall psychosocial well-being with a focus on positive adaptation, Process and outcome in counseling and psychotherapy, Counselor training and clinical supervision. Link to my lab is below:
Research draws upon the foundations of phenomenology and hermeneutics to make interpretive sense of the lifeworlds of teachers and students and the broader educational community.
Teacher education policy and practice and the education doctorate or professional practice degree.
Dr. Martin's scholarly interests include intensive literacy intervention for children with learning disabilities, social support, and parental involvement in relation to academic achievement.
Joint modeling of product data and process data for cognitive diagnosis, cheating detection, item response theory modeling, multilevel measurement models, computer-based testing, instrument development and validation, psychometric research and analysis for large-scale high-stakes tests.
Though I have various research interests, I tend to focus on best practices for literacy and language instruction to support culturally and linguistically diverse students,  writing development of English learners (ELs), and teacher preparation for working with ELs across content areas. 
scientific inquiry;, science learning and assessment;, computational thinking;, equity;, virtual environments;, professional development
"Social cognitive development, morality, intergroup relationships, origins of prejudice, social exclusion, morality and theory of mind, implicit and explicit biases, and inclusive school environments"