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Special Education, Ed.D. (Germany)

The University of Maryland, College Park is offering a 

Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in

Special Education Leadership for DoDDS Personnel!

A Closed Cohort that is Currently Filled


Academic Focus:  Scholars will be prepared to:

(1.) Address the needs of students with disabilities;

(2.) Evaluate special and general education research to improve outcomes for students; and to

(3.) Comprehend current policy and legal issues regarding special education best practice.

Fellowship Support: Scholarships are assured for participants working in DoDDS for the 5 years of the program.  The total scholarship award is approximately $40,000 for each scholar.

Classes:  Two courses will be offered each semester (Fall and Spring, and 1 during summers.) Classes will be scheduled taking into consideration the DoDDS summer home leave and school holidays. Classes are planned to take place face-to-face in the vicinity of Ramstein, Germany. Some courses will be offered online or in a hybrid manner according to the constraints of circumstances. When possible, classes will meet in person. Each class meets for 5 weekends, Friday evenings 6:30 to 9:00 pm and Saturdays 9 to 5:00 pm. Classes are taken one at a time consecutively.

Capstone Project:   This doctorate program includes the completion of a Capstone Project. This will involve research on a question or issue of interest to the scholar to be conducted under the mentorship of a UMD professor during the final year of the program. Scholars will have a formal defense of their Project in the final semester of their program.

Scholarship Obligation:  Scholarship funds are provided by a grant from the U. S. Department of Education. There is a “Service Obligation” requirement attached to the scholarship funds. For more information please see: and

the Pre-Scholarship agreement form on this website:

To Apply go to

Step 1: Submit the $75.00 application fee (non-refundable)
Step 2: Application Type: Degree
Step 3: Level of Study: Doctoral
Step 4: Intended Program of Study: Special Education (EDSP), Ed.D.
Step 4: Term of Entrance: Spring 2022
Step 5: Area of interest 1: Off-Campus, Shady Grove
Previous Education: Enter Institutions you have attended (with 9 credits or more).  Upload transcripts – Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded into your application file, but must show your GPA and degree conferred information.
Upload Section:  upload your Statement of Purpose or Goal Statement
Recommendations:  Enter Recommenders information
Official Transcripts:  Official transcripts are required by the Graduate School if admitted by the end of the first semester of enrollment. Send the official, sealed or electronic undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended (with 9 credits or more). Transcripts from the institution should be mailed to:

University of Maryland College Park
Enrollment Services Operation - Attn: Graduate Admissions
Room 0130 Mitchell Building
College Park, MD 20742
Electronic Transcripts: Attn:  Heather Kissinger

Specifics for online Application Form:
These instructions correspond to the online application form and are provided for clarification purposes.

Program Code: Special Education (EDSP)
Semester: You will need to fill in the year and semester you are applying for: Spring 2021
Degree: Ed.D.
Grade Point Average (GPA): Include all undergraduate courses that counted toward your degree. U.S. applicants, use the method outlined here. The UM Grade Point Average is based on a 4.0 system. To compute your grade point average, you must: a) multiply quarter credit hours by .66 to convert to semester credit hours if needed. b) Multiply the number of semester credit hours for each course by the number of quality points earned for that course. The quality points are: A+,A,A–=4; B+,B,B–=3; C+,C,C–=2; D+,D,D–=1; F=0. If you attended an institution that assigned quality points to represent + or – grades, utilize such information in computing your GPA c) Divide the total number quality points by the total number of semester credit hours. The result will be your grade point average. International applicants or U.S. citizens with foreign credentials calculate average grade point based on your educational system (e.g., if grades are in percent, indicate GPA in percent).

List all colleges or universities attended and degrees awarded/expected. (Only if you completed 9 or more credits at the institution.)

References/Recommendations: List at least three persons and email addresses, preferably supervisors or professionals under whom you have worked or studied. Each is to send a recommendation on your behalf. The applicant's full name and the program to which he/she is applying must be noted on all correspondence.

Substantial fellowships are available through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services. Stipends will be provided to students who are successfully admitted. The stipend is approximately $8,000 per year for each student and covers the cost of tuition. A student accepted into this program is eligible for an approximate total accumulated fellowship stipend of $40,000.

As with most federally funded personnel preparation programs, there is an expectation that the recipients of such a program will spend time serving the students that they have received preparation to instruct. This expectation is called the Service Obligation. All applicants should review the conditions here:

Students participating in this program will be required to sign a letter that indicates they understand these requirements. Please review the Government requirements and the example letter of understanding before applying to the program:

Currently Not Recruiting.

Coursework: Classes meet for 5 weekends (Fridays 6:30 – 9:00 pm and Saturdays 9:00 – 5:00 pm). Two courses are offered consecutively each semester, including the summers. Some classes will be online and others will be offered in person onsite in the Ramstein, Germany area.

Dr. Philip J. Burke - Program Director,

Dr. Tori Page-Voth- Program Co-Director,

Carol Scott- Graduate Coordinator CHSE,

Judy Foster-Program Coordinator in Student Services-Application Questions

Graduate Handbooks and Catalog

Visit the Department of Counseling, High Education and Special Education program handbooks and forms page.

The Graduate Student Life Handbook provides information on academics, campus resources, finances, health, job opportunities, and information on how to get involved as a graduate student. 


Graduate students in the College of Education are responsible for meeting University and the Graduate School policy, and for meeting Program requirements. The Graduate Catalog  is the official listing of Policies governing graduate education at the University of Maryland. The schedule adjustment policy is available from the Office of the Registrar and provides information on adding and dropping courses, penalties, and refund schedules.


Graduate students are required to submit various forms at specific points in the program and as part of the degree clearance process. Please refer to Steps Toward Graduation to determine the steps and forms that are required. The forms for use by graduate students are available here.