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College of Education Alumni & Friends

COE alumni at AOC event

Welcome, College of Education alumni and friends! We are over 38,000 strong and continue to grow as newly graduating classes join the alumni fold! Our alumni leave the halls of Benjamin to become teachers, superintendents, researchers, counselors, professors, university presidents, and so much more – all working towards the goal of improving educational outcomes for our nation’s citizens. The work that you do is important, and we are honored to count you as alumni of the College of Education!


Moving and need to change your address? Recently married and need to change your name? Prefer to receive Endeavors electronically? Have a piece of news that you would like to share with your fellow College of Education alumni? Please keep in touch with address or name changes, submission of a Class Note or with any suggestions on how we can better serve our EdTerps alumni. We will share your good news in the next issue of Endeavors or even feature you on our website!