Our three research and practice-oriented departments provide inspired learning opportunities that develop students into leaders in education. Our programs prepare students to transform lives on the local and national level, through hands-on teaching, research, policy, counseling, school administration, and education specialist positions. From strong partnerships with school systems to innovative research on how the brain influences complex learning behaviors, our academic programs are at the forefront of the field of education.

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Meet College of Education Student Ambassadors

The College of Education Student Ambassador Program is a yearlong internship, which offers undergraduate students the opportunity to become more involved in the college community. During the first semester, student ambassadors, who are invited to join the program based on meeting certain criteria, participate in a three credit course in which they learn about various aspects of the College and University. Students also receive training so that they can participate actively and knowledgeably in recruitment, orientation, open houses, and other events during their second semester in the program.