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Funding & Scholarships

Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Prospective high school seniors currently applying to UMD for the upcoming Fall semester, must apply for UMD admissions by the Early Action Deadline to be considered for COE scholarships. Apply to UMD here.

Once you apply and are admitted to UMD, you will be automatically considered for COE scholarships for which you meet based selection criteria. Additional factors may be included in scholarship decisions.

The College of Education has a specific interest in recruiting Maryland resident students* who are pursuing teaching in critical teacher shortage areas found in the table below, as well as, students who are first generation students pursuing teacher education. Our competitive awards are designed to encourage students to pursue careers in teacher education and meet employment demands for the State of Maryland.

Admitted Maryland resident students who pursue education majors in critical shortage areas in art (grades Prek-12); chemistry (grades 7-12); Chinese (grades7-12); computer science (grades 7-12); earth/space science (grades 7-12); english (grades 7-12)mathematics (grades 7-12); middle school math and science (grade 4-9); physics (grades 7-12); Spanish (grades 7-12); special education: [infant/primary (birth-grade 3); elementary/middle (grades 1-8); secondary/adult (grades 6-adult); hearing impaired; severely & profoundly disabled; or visually impaired].

2 year, $2000 scholarship awards

Admitted Maryland resident students who are first generation that indicate interest in any teacher education program.

4 year, $4,000 scholarship awards

*Residency status is determined based on viii‐2.70—policy on student classification for admission and tuition purposes. 

If selected, scholarship recipients must:

  • Accept scholarship by submitting online submission form.
  • Write a thank you letter to scholarship donor.

To maintain award, scholarship recipients must:

  • Continue to be enrolled in the College of Education for the full term covered by the award.
  • Continue to be enrolled in the major as applied.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of a 3.0.
  • Remain in good academic standing.

Additional Scholarships for Freshman
Students looking for additional scholarships and grant resources should look  at our general COE scholarship applicationfederal/state scholarships & grants, and diverity scholarships section of the website.