GSO president speaking at Graduate Student Welcome Fair

College Profile


  • 1,375 Enrollment (2018-19)
  • 583 Undergraduate
  • 798 Graduate majors
  • 82 Full-time tenure/tenure-track faculty
  • 119 Clinical Faculty and Lecturers
  • 52 Staff
  • 40,101 Alumni
  • $16.7M Research Funding (FY 2020)
  • Over 30 Degree programs and specializations at the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral levels

About the College Fact Sheet


As a visible leader and go-to source for research and evidence-based innovations in education and human development, the University of Maryland College of Education will fearlessly lead efforts to transform educational contexts and learning experiences. Our work will expand access to high quality educational opportunities that empower individuals to reach their goals and contribute to the broader civic, democratic, and economic goals of society.


The mission of the College of Education is to enhance the lives of individuals, families, schools, and communities through our research, teaching, and engagement. We create knowledge about critical facets of education and human development, and share that knowledge to improve lives in Maryland and throughout the broader national and international community. We prepare students to be the next generation of scholars, educators, and transformative leaders.


  • Promote equity through quality education and human services, especially for individuals in traditionally underserved groups and communities.
  • Collaborate across all areas of expertise within the College and across the University to prepare teachers, researchers, school leaders, policymakers, and other education professionals to work in critical areas of need.
  • Leverage our location near the nation’s capital to form strategic partnerships with school districts, government agencies, and national community-based organizations to promote sustainable reforms in local, state, national and global contexts.