Severe Disabilities Special Education Teacher Preparation Program

The Severe Disabilities Program (30 credit hours) prepares individuals to work with students having severe disabilities from birth through grade 12. This program is for those interested in becoming certified in severe disabilities in the state of Maryland. Major competency areas addressed in the program include:

  • Functional academic, community, and behavioral assessment
  • Inclusion in general education classrooms
  • Methods for accessing the general curriculum and alignment with Maryland Common Core Curriculum
  • Universal design of learning/assistive technology
  • Social and self-determination skills
  • Advocacy & support to families of individuals with disabilities
  • Collaboration among families and professionals

This option is ONLY for teachers with a special education certificate. Coursework and field experiences are offered to obtain Maryland State Department of Education certification in severe disabilities. This option requires individualized advising by a faculty member in Special Education-Severe Disabilities to determine the program of study. A copy of a valid MSDE Generic Special Education Certificate must be uploaded to the graduate application. This program can be done either as a full or part time student.

Severe Disabilities Certification Program Sequence