The Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture (CCRC) facilitates the collaboration of research projects on the social, cognitive, and emotional development of children and adolescents in families, schools, and cultures.

For general questions about the Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture (CCRC), e-mail: Dr. Kenneth H. Rubin,, or Dr. Melanie Killen,


President: Riley Sims

Vice President: Jason Solinsky

Secretary: Mary DePascale

Treasurer: Karen Levush

Professional Development Chairs: Nicole Catanzarite and Tina Chen

Community Service Chairs: Jacquelyn Glidden and Martha Yumiseva Montenegro

Social Chairs: Kathryn Yee and Raychel Gordon

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The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Graduate Training Program in Social Development
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