Illustration of child's head and brain silhouette

Dr. Richard Prather Interviewed For NY Times Magazine Article

Richard Prather
Dr. Richard Prather, assistant professor of the Human Development and Quantitative Methodology department, was interviewed for The Body Issue of The New York Times Magazine: For Kids article, "Your Brain is Awesome," by Melinda Wenner Moyer.

Moyer discusses the difference between children's brains and adults' brains, explaining how the flexibility of the brain, for example, decreases over the course of one's life. Dr. Prather goes on to note that, given the greater brain flexibility in young age, "[c]hildren are faster learners."

The New York Times Magazine: For Kids section is intended for younger audiences and, in fact, includes the note, "Editors' Note: This section should not be read by grown-ups." If read by grown-ups, adults would discover the secret tips Moyer provides to children to argue why their brains are better than that of adults. The article encourages young readers to take pride in their brain and embrace its adaptability.

In spite of the Editors' Note, we recommend you read the article when you have the chance!
      Moyer, Melinda Wenner (29 December 2019). Your brain is awesome. The Body Issue. The New York Times Magazine: For Kids.