Dr. Donald J. Bolger, Associate Professor (djbolger@umd.edu
How the brain learns to read; Sources of reading skill and impairment; How children learn the meaning of words

Dr. Lucas Butler, Assistant Professor (lpbutler@umd.edu)
Social learning, social cognition, and cognitive development in early childhood. How children's early learning is fundamentally shaped by the social context in which it occurs.

Dr. Natasha Cabrera, Professor (ncabrera@umd.edu
Parenting and children's cognitive and social development; Parent involvement in schools and children's achievement; Cultural and ethnic differences in parenting behaviors and children's outcomes

Dr. Kevin Dunbar, I-STEM Professor (kndunbar@umd.edu)
Thinking, Reasoning, and problem solving in complex domains such as science; Analogical Reasoning, Causal Reasoning, Inductive, Deductive, and Distributed Reasoning; Gender and science; Brain mechanisms or reasoning; Development of Scientific Thinking

Dr. Nathan Fox, Distinguished University Professor (fox@umd.edu)​​​​​​​
Temperament; Development of emotion and emotion regulation; Developmental psychophysiology, infant cognitive/social development

Dr. Melanie Killen, Professor (mkillen@umd.edu)​​​​​​​
Social and moral reasoning; The emergence of morality in the context of intergroup relationships; The origins of prejudice and bias in childhood; Social exclusion and inclusion in peer relationships; intergroup attitudes on children's moral judgments about fairness and equality; theory of mind and morality

Dr. Elisa Klein, Associate Professor (elklein@umd.edu)​​​​​​​
Child care and early education policy; Early childhood education; Young children's understanding of their early school experiences; Teacher beliefs about development; Teacher education

Dr. Kelly Mix, Professor & Chair (kmix@umd.edu)​​​​​​​
Development of mathematics and number concepts; Early childhood; Symbol-referent mappings; Spatial skills and mathematics; Elementary mathematics instruction.

Dr. Richard W. Prather, Assistant Professor (prather1@umd.edu)​​​​​​​
Children's development with a focus on cognitive development involved in learning mathematics; Research involves lab and classroom based behavioral studies, along with computational modeling of the neural basis of behavior.

Dr. Geetha Ramani, Associate Professor (gramani@umd.edu) ​​​​​​​
Influence of social interactions on young children's cognitive development; Learning through cooperative play and activities; Early mathematics and problem-solving skills; Development and correlates of peer cooperation.

Dr. Kenneth Rubin, Professor (krubin@umd.edu) ​​​​​​​
Social development; Peer interactions, relationships, and groups; Parenting and parentchild relationships; Social Withdrawal; Developmental psychopathology; Culture and cross-cultural comparisons.

Dr. Min Wang, Professor (minwang@umd.edu) ​​​​​​​
Language and reading acquisition; cross language and writing system comparisons; second language/bilingual literacy development.

Dr. Kathryn Wentzel, Professor (wentzel@umd.edu) ​​​​​​​
Adolescent social development ; motivation and self-regulation; interpersonal relationships and school adjustment; students' relationships with teachers and peers Dr. Allan Wigfield, Professor Development and socialization of motivation and self-concept; Gender differences; Achievement motivation; Self-regulation and learning; Motivation for literacy.

Dr. Allan Wigfield, Professor (awigfiel@umd.edu
​​​​​​​Development and socialization of motivation and self-concept; Gender differences; Achievement motivation; Self-regulation and learning; Motivation for literacy