Implementation & fidelity of evidence-based practices for students with disabilities by professionals in schools, secondary & transition programming, person-centered planning, supporting persons with disabilities in their communities including people with challenging behaviors and severe reputations.

Agnesanne J. Danehey is Research Assistant Professor, Special Education Program, Department of Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education, University of Maryland. Dr. Danehey’s expertise is in the areas of supporting individuals with severe reputations and challenging behaviors with developmental disabilities, secondary special education & transition services, and community supported living for youth and adults with disabilities and mental health issues.  She has been involved with a number of federal supported programs in the adult community and in professional development for professionals in school systems serving students with disabilities. 

Dr. Danehey currently co-directs two outreach graduate degree programs in the following areas: M.Ed.-Special Education-Focus Autism Spectrum Disorders & Developmental Delays and Disabilities and M.Ed.-Special Education-Early Childhood Birth-Age 5 in the Institute for the Study of Exceptional Children and Youth (ISECY) . 

Before joining the Special Education Program, Dr. Danehey was the Acting Deputy Director for the Developmental Disabilities Administration for Special Populations, State of Maryland where she oversaw the federally funded demonstration Community Supported Living project as well as the State of Maryland's Transitioning Youth Initiative, Aging Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Knott Class & Grabau Class Action lawsuits, etc. She has been a general education teacher of science and mathematics in middle school.  She has also worked with those receiving special education services with high incidence disabilities in elementary school, supported those with intellectual disabilities in inclusive settings during the middle and high school years, supported the successful transition of those with dual-diagnoses from institutions to the community in the State of Maryland, and supported young adults with developmental disabilities in competitive employment in the State of Vermont.

University of Maryland Doctorate (EdD) in Special Education Leadership, for the Department of Defense Dependents School System (DoDEA) (CFDA 84.325D, Type B). Awarded $1, 250,000. Years 2020-2025

Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Severe Disabilities: Autism Spectrum Disorders in Low Incidence Disabilities-(CFDA 84.325KFocus Area D): Awarded $1,249,186. Years: 2013-2019 

Selection of Courses:

EDSP 451: Curriculum & Instruction 

EDSP 470: Introduction to Special Education 

EDSP 491: Characteristics of Students with Learning Disabilities 

EDSP 600: Issues & Trends in Special Education

EDSP 612: Secondary and Transition Methods 

EDSP 615: Assessment in Special Education 

EDSP 682: Literacy Approaches for At-Risk Adolescents