Psychiatric rehabilitation and career development and rehabilitation.

Dr. Ellen Fabian is a certified counselor, certified rehabilitation counselor, and professor in the Counseling Psychology, School Psychology and Counselor Education Program. Dr. Fabian's research background focuses on adolescents and adults with disabilities. Specifically, she has been awarded many federal grants to design and evaluate best practices for assisting these populations to maintain successful lives in the community. She has been in various leadership positions in the field, including President of the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association and the Maryland Rehabilitation Association, and associate editor of the flagship Journal of Counseling & Development. Dr. Fabian's articles have been published in a number of journals, including Journal of Counseling & Development,Rehabilitation PsychologyRehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, and Career Development for Exceptional Individuals. Her book chapters have dealt with conceptual and theoretical issues in career development, transitioning youth, psychology of working, transcultural counseling, and quality of life for persons with disabilities. Dr. Fabian has received awards for her disability advocacy from the UMD President’s Commission on Disability Issues, and awards for her research from the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association and the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association.  She has travelled internationally consulting on and developing programs for youth with disabilities.