William Ming Liu, PhD., is Professor of Counseling Psychology and Department Chair at the University of Maryland. His research interests are in social class and classism, men and masculinity, and White supremacy and privilege. He has received leadership awards from the Committee on Socioeconomic Status (APA), The Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race (Division 45 of APA), and the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities (Division 51 of APA). In 2022, he received the Janet E. Helms Award for Mentoring and Scholarship from the Winter Roundtable, Teachers College, Columbia University. His work is cited in the Multicultural Guidelines: An Ecological Approach to Context, Identity, and Intersectionality (APA, 2017), The APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Men and Boys (APA, 2018), the Role of Psychology and the American Psychological Association in Dismantling Systemic Racism Against People of Color in the United States (APA, 2021), in the APA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Framework (APA, 2021), in APA Resolution on Psychology’s Role in Addressing the Impact of, and Change Required With, Police Use of Excessive Force Against People of Color and Other Marginalized Communities in the United States (August 2022), and in the APA (2023) Inclusive Language Guide. He is an editor of the Handbook of Multicultural Competencies in Counseling and Psychology (Sage, 2003), an editor of Culturally Responsive Counseling with Asian American Men (2010, Routledge), the author of Social Class and Classism in the Helping Professions: Research, Theory, and Practice (2011, Sage), and the editor of the Handbook of Social Class in Counseling (2013, Oxford University Press). He is co-author of Psychology and the Social Class Worldview (2022, Routledge). He is also co-authoring a forthcoming book titled Systems of White Supremacy and White Privilege: A Racial-Spatial Framework for Psychology from Oxford University Press. He is the Editor for the Journal of Counseling Psychology and the past-Editor for the journal, the Psychology of Men and Masculinities. Additionally, he is a fellow of Division 17 and 51 in APA.






Inaugural Lecture on the Psychological Study of Race and Racism, Institute for the Study of Race and Culture (2022)

Janet E. Helms Award for Mentoring and Scholarship (2022)

Fellow, Society for Counseling Psychology, Division 17, American Psychological Association (2018)

Fellow, Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity, Division 51, American Psychological Association (2018)

Iowa Board of Regents, Faculty Excellence Award (2017)

Audrey Qualls Commitment to Diversity Award, University of Iowa (2014)

Award for Emerging Leadership, Committee on Socioeconomic Status, American Psychological Association (2008)

Emerging Young Professional Award (Early Career Award), Division 45, Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues (2006)

Research of the Year Award, Division 51, Society for the Psychological Study of Men & Masculinity (2005)


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Selected Peer Reviewed Research Articles 

Liu, R.Z., Liu, W.M., Wong, J., & Shin, R.Q. (2023). Anti-Black racism in Asian American local educational activism: A Critical Race Discourse Analysis. Educational Researcher. https://doi.org/10.3102/0013189X231151

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Liu, W.M. (2017).  White male power and privilege:  The relationship between White supremacy and social class.  Journal of Counseling Psychology, 64, 349-358.  http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/cou0000227

Select Member, Psychology's Role in Dismantling Systemic Racism Think Tank, American Psychological Association (2022)

Vice-Chair, Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA), American Psychological Association (2023 to present)