Lauren Benning-Williams
CYC Child at home participates in Mr. M's music classMusic is the one language that is universal. No matter your culture, ethnicity or background, when words fail, music speaks. And during this unprecedented time, music continues to keep the University of Maryland community and the world connected. 

With the closure of schools, the Center for Young Children (CYC) continues to stay engaged with students despite the transition to virtual learning. CYC's music teacher, Eric Maring, also known as Mr. M, is now offering his music classes online, with his own children joining the online performance. Mr. M aims to continue to bring music to CYC students' lives along with their families.

"Music keeps us together as a whole," stated Maring. "In general, it's good to seek music in our lives every day, especially when times can feel uncertain." 

Mr. M's music class is now being offered to the entire UMD community for free. During his virtual class, young children can tune in to sing and dance along or watch the archived sessions online, and many send him photos of their participationg in the class. For more information on upcoming sessions checkout the website Sunshine Music Time with Mr. M.