College of Education Response to the Robb Elementary School Shooting

There are no words to capture our collective sadness, heartbreak, frustration, and anger about the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.  We mourn the loss of 19 students and two teachers.  It is unacceptable that, as we continue to navigate the pandemic, gun violence is so unfortunately and painfully familiar; we haven’t even begun to heal from this weekend’s shootings at a grocery store in Buffalo, NY or a church in Santa Ana, CA.  Some days it feels too hard to resist these tragedies as a reflection of our sad reality, and it may feel easier to be resigned to the fact that all we can do is try to protect ourselves and those we love.

But we cannot allow ourselves to be numb.  We cannot look away.  We cannot be silent. 

Schools must be spaces where educators and learners feel physically and psychologically safe.  We are a long way from reaching these goals, but we cannot give up in our efforts to make them a reality.  As leaders of our College of Education, we will continue to be vocal and insistent advocates, demanding reforms that center the safety and wellbeing of educators and learners in Maryland and across our nation. As researchers, teachers, counselors, administrators, and advocates for justice, we all have a critical role to play in advocating for change. 

Our hearts are with all who are mourning.  Educators are particularly at the front of our minds today, and we know it is beyond challenging to support students as we all navigate complicated emotions.  We encourage everyone to lean on their communities of support and seek resources as needed. And please know that we are in this work together.


Dr. Laura Stapleton, interim dean, College of Education

Dr. Kimberly Griffin, incoming dean, College of Education


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