EdTerps: Transforming Education for Good

UMD College of Education Launches New Brand
Dean Kimberly Griffin and Testudo at 2023 College of Education Welcome Event

This fall, the University of Maryland College of Education launched a new brand center, including a new brand statement and tagline and a refreshed EdTerps logo. 

EdTerps is a community of faculty, staff, alumni and students committed to advancing equity and social justice through research and innovation in teaching and learning, policy, counseling, human development, and psychology. Our new tagline–“Transforming Education for Good”–highlights EdTerps’ commitment to advancing equity and building healthier, better educated communities for all. The arrow in the “E” of our new logo symbolizes EdTerps’ dedication to driving education and society fearlessly forward. 

EdTerps logo

EdTerps are action-oriented, transformative leaders and champions for equity and justice. As current and future educators, counselors, psychologists, administrators, researchers, policymakers and educational specialists, EdTerps strive to transform lives and communities for the better.

The College of Education is shaping the next generation of fearless leaders and learners. Backed by a rigorous research enterprise, strong partnerships with federal and state agencies, and unparalleled access to diverse school districts that provide early in-field experience, EdTerps are uniquely positioned to transform education for good. 

We’d love to hear from EdTerps about how they are transforming education for good. Share your story with us.

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