University of Maryland Ranks Among the Best in Education and Educational Research Across the Globe


The University of Maryland College of Education ranked No. 16 in the world for education and educational research and No. 6 for papers among the top 1% cited in U.S. News & World Report’s list of 2022-23 Best Global Universities. Education and educational research is one of four new subject area rankings published this year by U.S. News.

The category covers resources on the full spectrum of education, ranging from theoretical to applied, and from nursery school to Ph.D. Included in this category are resources on pedagogy and methodology as well as on the history of education, reading, curriculum studies, education policy, the sociology and economics of education, and the utilization of computers in the classroom.

To be considered for the rankings, colleges of education had to publish a minimum of 200 papers from 2016 to 2020. This year, 182 colleges were ranked based on several factors, including academic research, publications and citations, and global reputation. 

The University of Maryland overall ranked No. 12 among U.S. public institutions and No. 57 among universities from nearly 100 different countries.