Danielle Miller
Child's drawing of a skeleton

The Center for Young Children Blue Room Kindergarten has been busy with writing, learning letter sounds and blends, going over shapes, numbers, and counting. The Blue Room has also been doing an in – depth project on bones. The study got its start when teacher Danielle Miller, came in with a boot due to a foot injury. There were so many questions concerning the fracture that it just seemed natural to take it into a study.

A big part of the Center for Young Children’s curriculum revolves around choosing and implementing a “study” or project that is close to the heart of the classroom children. The studies incorporate learning from all the domains in a natural way with the children’s motivation leading the way.

Some of the highlights of the study have been a Zoom meeting with an orthopedic doctor, a life size skeleton replica shared by one of the parents, and setting up an orthopedic office in dramatic play including x-rays that were seen using a light table.

Using the full-sized skeleton model and some YouTube videos for support, kindergarteners learned the names of many of the bones and their function in the body. Children made a model of a bone using a toilet paper roll and tissue paper. They included blood vessels, the spongy bone, and the yellow marrow “that stores fat”.

At the end of their study, after most of their questions had been answered, children decided on a way to “culminate the study”, or how they could share all the information they had learned. Miller is working on a video of the children’s work to share with families along with some outside displays that can be viewed while social distancing.