Center for Mathematics Education (CFME)


Stemming from projects that began in 1957, the Center for Mathematics Education in the College of Education at the University of Maryland has long been a nationally prominent center for research and development, teaching, and service addressing improvement of school and college mathematics programs. The Center for Mathematics Education serves as a scholarly voice for excellence and innovation in mathematics education while nurturing the next generation of researchers and educators. Its mission is to engage in an aggressive program of research, teaching and outreach designed to build the national capacity for improving the mathematical education of all students, especially those from ethnic and racial minorities in urban settings.

Research projects in the Center for Mathematics Education are guided by the following commitments:

Our research activities strive to simultaneously build critical scholarly knowledge and influence teachers' practice in meaningful ways. They acknowledge and attempt to better understand the social and political forces that shape mathematics teaching and learning environments. In particular, we do work that is relevant to pressing problems of practice of our local communities. Our research activities complement and inform one another, resulting in a rich constellation of interconnected efforts and ideas.

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