Center for Mathematics Education (CFME)

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CFME Faculty and Students

The Center for Math Education is a nationally prominent center for research and teaching addressing the improvement of mathematics education in K-16 and informal settings. We promote innovation in teacher preparation programs and focused outreach efforts to local urban schools. The promotion of access and participation of underrepresented minorities in mathematics education is a tangible CFME commitment.

For nearly forty years the mathematics education program at the University of Maryland, College Park has been a nationally prominent center for research and development, teaching, and service addressing improvement of school and college mathematics programs. The level of activity and influence of our program in the Center for Mathematics Education has never been higher than at this critical time of reform in school mathematics. Current and recently completed projects are developing innovative approaches to curriculum, teaching, and teacher education in mathematics K-12. The instructional and service activities of faculty in the Center for Mathematics Education are translating those ideas into classroom practice through a variety of courses and graduate degree programs. The University of Maryland's Center for Mathematics Education is a part of the Mid-Atlantic Center for Teaching and Learning, in partnership with Pennsylvania State University and the University of Delaware, and funded by the National Science Foundation.