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This is a 30-credit program intended for teachers already certified in elementary education, special education, or in ESOL who are or plan to teach in subject matter classrooms in the middle grades (4th- 9th grade). This is a cohort-only program offered in partnership with the Mathematics Department at the University of Maryland and local school districts.


Mathematics education faculty joined efforts with University faculty in the Department of Mathematics and with mathematics specialists from Montgomery County and Prince George’s Public Schools to define a cohort master's degree program. This degree program initiated with the support of several Improving Teacher Quality grants from the Maryland Higher Education Commission, which allowed its development through collaboration across disciplines and research.

What is this program?

This multi-year, content-based masters’ program prepares teachers to become highly qualified middle grades mathematics teachers. This research-based program involves coursework in mathematics content, mathematics education, curriculum-based integrated content and pedagogy courses, as well as an action research course.

What is the outcome?

In addition to the Master’s Degree from the UMCP, MSDE has recognized our program as a suitable set of courses to be used by certified teachers seeking an add-on endorsement in middle grades mathematics. This recognition will allow teachers to submit credits of our coursework as part of the 30 credits needed to request an add-on endorsement to their elementary certification for middle school mathematics.

What pedagogical experiences do we include?

The structure of the program includes school-based components including: teachers visit each other’s classrooms; strands on inquiry, analysis of assessments, case studies, etc.


The program includes 10 of the following courses:

A. Mathematics Education Pedagogy Courses - 3 courses (9 credits)
These are curriculum-referenced courses in mathematics education that focus on the content taught as part of that curriculum and the design, pedagogy, and student learning issues associated with the effective implementation of the courses. For the initial cohort aimed at serving the EDCI-MCPS Partnership, these new courses were developed jointly by EDCI-Math Ed faculty and Math Department faculty with consultation from MCPS.

TLPL 611 Teaching and Learning Number in the Middle Grades Curriculum
TLPL 612 Teaching and Learning Algebra in the Middle School Curriculum
TLPL 616 Teaching and Learning Statistics and Data Analysis in the Middle School
TLPL 615 Teaching and Learning Geometry in the Middle School

B. Mathematics Courses (related to Pedagogy courses) - 3 courses ( 9 credits)

These are three content courses that are intended to deepen the middle school teacher’s understanding of the subject matter beyond that specific to a particular middle school level course of study. Courses focus on Algebra, data analysis & statistics, and geometry or number.

MATH 487 Number for Middle School Teachers
MATH 480 Algebra for Middle School Teachers
MATH 481 Statistics and Data Analysis for Middle School Teachers
MATH 482 Geometry for Middle School Teachers

C. Mathematics Education Curriculum and Pedagogy - 3 courses (9 credits)

These are courses on assessment, curriculum, and students' mathematical understanding that are part of the M.Ed. Program in Mathematics Education and in which the candidates will study positions and review theory and research that helps them see themselves in relation to the broader field of mathematics education.

TLPL 610 Trends in Mathematics Education
TLPL 613 Problem solving and innovative thinking in the mathematics classroom
TLPL 614 Assessing Mathematical Understanding
TLPL 617 Understanding and Engaging Students’ Conceptions of Mathematics

D. Research/Inquiry Methods - 1 course (3 credits)

This course provides for foundations in quantitative and/or qualitative inquiry and analysis and engages the candidate in the completion of a classroom-based inquiry project.

TLPL 698 Conducting Research on Teaching



Students are responsible for payment of tuition to UM at the current tuition rates in effect during the semester in which classes are taken. The off-campus tuition is about the rate of the in-state campus tuition, regardless of residency, the additional on-campus graduate fees do not apply. The graduate tuition rates can be found at  University of Maryland Tuition and Fees.

Many school districts offer tuition reimbursement. For example, MCPS will provide teacher tuition reimbursement of 50% of the tuition. MCPS University Partnerships. It is not a requirement to be in MCPS to join this cohort.


The University of Maryland, College Park,  College of Education General Scholarship

Award $1,000-$1,500

COE scholarships are awarded based on merit, scholarship application materials, and a variety of other factors in an effort to offer students support in pursuing their degrees and professional futures. Students can apply for the regular CoE scholarships before taking classes and can reapply the following year. The deadline is Sept. 1st.

General CoE Scholarship Application and Information

Universities at Shady Grove Scholarship

The Fall Scholarship Application will be available as of March 1st.  The priority deadline to submit this application is June 30th, the final deadline is July 31st.
To apply for scholarships click on Apply for USG Scholarships and sign in to your Student Portal. Once signed in, click on the USG Scholarships tab at the top of the page and select Start a New Application.  Email questions to

For additional information, including other potential sources of funding please visit the Admissions/Scholarship page.  For more information please contact or call 301-314-8377.

Mathematics Education Trust Mathematics Graduate Course Work Scholarship for Teachers (6-8) 

Maximum award $3,200

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a current NCTM member
  • Currently teaching at the grades 6-8 level. 
  •  Must have taught school mathematics for at least three years.
  • Intend to remain in teaching. 
  • No person(s) may receive more than one award administered by the Mathematics Education Trust in the same academic year.
  • Past recipients of this grant are not eligible to reapply.  

More information

STEM Teacher Graduate Scholarships (AFCEA)
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Teachers for America's Future

Award $2,500

Eligibility Requirements:

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Graduate-level candidates must currently be in at least their second semester and taking at least two (2) semester-equivalent courses per term
  • Majoring in education for the purpose of teaching STEM subjects 
  • Have completed a B.S. degree in a STEM major.

Deadline is usually in May


This guide provides detailed answers for the program options you need to select within the UMD application.

Application Guide MEd Math Ed






All Students must submit a Graduation Candidate application the semester of planned graduation.  Graduate students should refer to graduation overview for additional requirements. Please visit the diploma guidelines webpage for more information regarding diplomas.




For more information, please contact: 

Sara Kirschner, PhD. Program Director