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Center for Mathematics Education (CFME)

Master's Degree Programs


Two post-certification* Master’s programs in mathematics education are available at the University of Maryland, one Master of Education (M.Ed.) grade level program, and the Master of Arts (M.A.) program. Both are 30 credit-hour programs, which provide considerable flexibility in planning a specific sequence of experiences for a student. (See bottom for admission requirements and deadlines).


M.Ed. Middle School Mathematics Teaching and Learning

The Center for Mathematics, in partnership with several school districts, currently offers a Master's of Education in Mathematics Education with a focus on middle grades for currently practicing teachers. For more information about these programs, please see Outreach for Teachers.

M.A. in Mathematics Education

Candidates for the M.A. program in mathematics education at the University of Maryland are elementary or special education teachers or teachers of mathematics at the middle/intermediate/junior high or high school level, or those interested in teaching in higher education. Students interested in careers in research or further doctoral degree studies typically pursue a Master of Arts. The Master of Arts requires a three-hour written comprehensive exam, a Master thesis, and an oral defense of the thesis.

Requirements for M.A. in Mathematics Education



* Students with a degree in mathematics, who desire to be certified to teach mathematics, should consult the Teacher Certification page.