Middle level education, Teacher education, Student teaching, Science education

J. Elisabeth Mesiner is a former middle school science teacher.  She holds a B.S. in Social Science Education and an M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education from Florida State University.  While in Tallahassee, FL, Elisabeth taught at a developmental lab research school where she developed curriculum and supported research initiatives.  At UMD, Elisabeth teaches science pedagogy courses to undergraduate middle grades pre-service teachers and graduate secondary science teachers.  Her dissertation research investigates how pre-service teachers navigate complex student teaching internships.

Mesiner, J. & Levin, D. (2020, March 14-19). Tensions in student teaching: Can they be productive?  [Preservice teachers as scholars and professionals]. NARST Annual International Conference, Portland,  OR, United States. https://narst.org/sites/default/files/uploads/202004/NARST%202020%20Con… (Conference cancelled)  

Chumbley, A., Levin, D., & Mesiner, J. (2019, March 31-April 3). Negotiating the transition: From “practicing  responsive teaching” into “responsive teaching practice” Paper presented at the meeting of National Association of Research in Science Teaching Annual International Conference, Baltimore, MD, United States.  

Levin, D., Mesiner, J., Chumbley, A., & Galvez-Molina, N. (2019, February, 22-23) Problems and possibilities  in the tensions between teaching interns and their mentors. Paper presented at the meeting of Ethnography in Education Research Forum, Philadelphia, PA, United States.

TLPL420: Knowledge, Reasoning, and Learning in Science
TLPL425/626: Learning and Teaching in Science
TLPL625: Learning to Teach and Learn Science