Undergraduate Student Assembly

What is the Undergraduate Student Assembly? 

The Undergraduate Student Assembly provides opportunities for students to serve as leaders through being a liaison between the students and the leadership within the College of Education. Each semester, the Student Assembly hosts an Undergraduate Student Forum followed with a meeting with the Dean. The Forum is an event where all COE students are welcome to come discuss any concerns or ideas that the student assembly members will then share with the Dean in order to promote positive change within the College of Education.   

Meet the Student Assembly Members

Bryant Rivera

Bryant Rivera Cortez
Year: Junior
Major: Middle School Math and Science Education
Hometown: Rockville, Maryland

"The College of Education is a special college because it prepares those who want to guide future generations. However, as we prepare ourselves we may not be given every resource or opportunity necessary to learn, grow, and thrive. The Undergraduate Student Assembly ensures undergraduate students' voices are heard and brought directly to the dean. As a member for two years I've witnessed these fruitful conversations firsthand and how they've aided the processes of improving our college. Being part of the assembly not only ensures that current students will be able to thrive, but also those who come after us."

Meghan Gaumont headshot

Meghan Gaumont
Year: Junior
Major: Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education
Hometown: Baldwin, Maryland

"I wanted to join the Undergraduate Student Assembly to serve as a leader and an advocate for fellow students. By exploring and learning about the workings that drive our community's leadership, I want to understand the decision-making processes that occur and contribute meaningfully. My goal is to become a more involved member of this community and create positive change!"

Kayla Kellner headshot

Kayla Kellner
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology and Human Development double major
Hometown: Ellicott City, Maryland

"I wanted to get more involved in the College of Education with the opportunity to create a sense of community and enact change in the college."


Alyssa Orlando headshot

Alyssa Orlando
Year: Junior
Major: Special Education Track II
Hometown: Jackson, New Jersey

"I joined the Undergraduate Student Assembly in order to work with like-minded people who are passionate about promoting positive change within the College of Education. I am excited to work alongside others to build more community within our college."

Adelaide Sudbrink headshot

Adelaide Sudbrink
Year: Junior
Major: Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Education, Minor in Public Leadership
Hometown: Bel Air, Maryland

"The undergraduate Student Assembly is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with the College of Education and to make a difference in our EdTerps community. It allows me to advocate for the change I want to see as a student and future educator to the leaders that make change happen."


Each semester, the Student Assembly hosts an undergraduate student Forum where all College of Education students are invited to come and discuss any ideas to promote positive change within the College of Education. The Fall 2023 Forum will be taking place on Thursday, November 2nd in Benjamin Building Room 1315 from 6:15-7:30pm. Food and refreshments will be provided! RSVP HERE.

If you have any ideas or questions to share with the Student Assembly, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out this Contact Form