Get Involved

There are many ways to be involved in elections, besides voting. 

If you are not eligible to vote, there are still plenty of ways to be engaged in the election! 

  • Identify three friends / peers / family members who are eligible to vote and encourage them to: 
    • register to vote, make a plan for voting, research the candidates and issues on the ballot.
    • remind them to vote on Election Day.
  • Identify a candidate whose view you share and help with their campaign.
  • Pick a group working on issues you care about and support their “Get Out the Vote” efforts.
  • Learn about the candidates and ballot questions. 

Become an Election Judge

An election judge plays a very important role in the election process. Election judges work as a team to ensure a fair and accessible election. Election judges are trained before election day. Learn more about the role and requirements of election judges

  • Why should you be an election judge?
    • You get paid
    • You help voters
    • You are involved in the election process
  • Who can be an election judge? Under Maryland law, you can serve as an election judge if you are:
    • Age 16 or older
    • Are a registered voter in Maryland
    • Physically and mentally able to work at least a 15-hour day
    • Willing to work outside your home precinct
    • Able to sit and/or stand for an extended period
    • Can speak, read, and write English

If you are a State of Maryland employee and want to serve as an election judge, you may be eligible for paid administrative leave. Please follow your normal procedures for requesting leave and complete this election judges form. The local boards of elections will have the paperwork you may need to provide to your supervisor.

For University System of Maryland nonexempt and exempt staff, according to Board of Regents policy, you are "entitled to use one hour of paid administrative leave for each hour of service as an Election Judge up to a total of eight (8) hours for each day of service without loss of pay or charge to any leave." Read the full policy approving paid administrative leave to serve as an election judge. 

Faculty who wish to serve as election judges need to consult with their department head or the HR office.

Do you know a 14- or 15-year old who might like to assist election judges and voters at the polls on Election Day? Encourage them to become an Election Page. They may be eligible for student service-learning hours, too!