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ETS is looking to take lessons learned around communication during the pandemic shut-down and extend them as best-practices.

We will be rolling out new policies and procedures for onsite support, based on campus guidance, over the coming days and weeks.

Whether we are onsite or teleworking, ETS staff remain available for anything that can be done via remote telework during normal business hours.  In addition, we will have onsite presence scheduled every University business day, dependent of course upon campus status and restrictions.  Communication is key, and we want to provide as many channels as possible during this  time.

Please note that like many across campus, different ETS staff members have varying levels of recent experience and comfort with returning to greater in-person situations.

Contact us by email

As always, you can contact us by email individually.  If that person is scheduled to be off, they will have auto-reply set to let you know whom to contact in their absence.  If you are unsure, you can email Steve directly, or use the re-purposed email reflector to email all full-time ETS staff. 

Contact us by phone

You can also call our regular office phone numbers, which are routed to us whether we are on site or remote.  If you do end up having to leave a message (e.g., if we are on another call), the voicemail will be forwarded, and we will call you back.  The main ETS phone number will be checked periodically, but will not be a method to reach all staff.  

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ETS ELMS/Canvas Support

All ETS staff  
Steve Pragel (301) 405-3618
Rochella McKoy (301) 405-3617
Rosalia Reyes-Webb (301) 405-0309
Joe Robertson (301) 405-5576
Ron Yerby (301) 405-9948










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