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Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The Elementary Education Undergraduate Program is a professional preparation program, designed to be completed in 4 years. Graduates are eligible for elementary teaching certification in the state of Maryland. The Program equips students to meet the challenges of teaching in the 21st century by preparing them to meet the needs of a diverse student body.

Program graduates: 

  • have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter they teach
  • can effectively plan classroom based instruction
  • can  accurately  assess  and  analyze  student  learning,  make  appropriate  adjustments  to  instruction,  monitor student learning, and have a positive effect on learning for all students 
  • are  able  to  work  with  students,  families,  and  communities  in  ways  that  reflect  the  dispositions  expected  of professional educators as delineated in professional, state, and institutional standards

For admission information to the Univeristy, please visit undergraduate admissions.

Once admitted to the University, students in the College of Education must meet the Selective Admissions requirements in order to proceed into the Professional portion of the Elementary Education program.  The Selective Admissions requirements for the Elementary Education program are as follows

Academic Requirements

  • Completion of a minimum of 45 credits
  • Cumulative UMD GPA of 2.75 or higher; 3.0 GPA is recommended for best consideration
  • Completion of lower-level Fundamental English requirement with a “C-” or better
  • Completion of lower-level Fundamental Math requirement with a “C-” or better
  • Minimum passing scores on a Basic Skills Tests (see advisor for details)

Gateway Courses

  • Satisfactory completion of TLPL 251 with a “B-” or better
  • Satisfactory completion of the following courses with a 2.7 GPA
    • MATH 212 – Elements of Mathematics
    • MATH 213 – Elements of Geometry
    • 4-Credit CORE Physical Science with Lab course
    • 4-Credit CORE Biological Science with Lab course

Experiential Requirements

  • A resume that shows prior experience in the education field with youth in the age range you intend to teach
  • A written goal statement
  • Two letters of recommendation (one must be from a faculty member or instructor)
  • Satisfactory rating on the College of Education Foundational Competencies/Model Code of Ethics for Educators (FC/MCEE)

STEP ONE: Apply for undergraduate admission to the University.

Once admitted to the University, proceed to Step Two after connecting with a UMD COE Academic Advisor.

STEP TWO:  Please submit your application to the Professional Teacher Education Program online.

Please contact the Office of Student Services,, or 301-405-2364.

For more information visit the COE Undergraduate Advising website

For a list of the College of Education Scholarship opportunities please click here.

Elementary Education Four Year Academic Plan

Program  Notes:

This is a proposed plan and the College of Education does not guarantee that these courses will be offered in the designated
semester. Consult the Schedule of Classes for class availability and meeting times.

*Two lab sciences are required for major.

** All students must complete two Distributive Studies courses that are approved for I-series courses. Students must complete Understanding Plural Society and Cultural Competence courses that may also fulfill a Distributive Studies category.


Year 1

Elementary Education, Year 1
ENGL 101 (AW)3Oral Communication (OC)3
MATH 107 or Higher (MA)3MATH 2123
Natural Science with Lab (NL)* - Physical4Natural Science with Lab (NL)* - Biological4
HIST 200 (HU)3TLPL 250 (HU) or TLPL 360 (HS)3
UNIV 1001Social Science Requiremtn3
Benchmark Requirements: AW and MA must be completed by 30 credits with C- or higher.


Year 2

Elementary Education, Year 2
MATH 2133Math 2143
PSYC 221 (SP) or SOCY 230 (HS)3TLPL 251: Introduction to Teaching3

Analytic Reasoning (AR) 


TLPL 340: Introduction to Children's Literature and Critical Literacy3
Area of Emphasis3Area of Emphasis3
Area of Emphasis3Non-Major SP*3
Take Skills test as needed. Submit application to professional program. 
Benchmark Requirements: Gateways must be completed by 60 credits; Gateway courses to be completed with 2.7; MATH 212; MATH 213; DSNL; DSNL; TLPL 251: Introduction to Teaching with B- or higher


Year 3

Elementary Education, Year 3


Professional Semester I



Professional Semester II

(Spring only)

TLPL 341: Assessing Language and Literacy Development in Elementary Classrooms3TLPL 332: Fine Arts Integration in Elementary Classrooms3
EDSP 401: Teaching Students with Disabilities in Elementary Classrooms3TLPL 361: Principles & Methods of Teaching in Elementary Schools3
TLPL 479 G: Field Experiences in Education: Elementary Education Tutoring1TLPL 362:  Social Studies Curriculum & Instruction in Elementary Classrooms3
EDHD 411(HS)3TLPL 342: Promoting Skilled and Motivated Readers in Elementary Classrooms, Part I3
Area of Emphasis or Elective3TLPL 478I: Professional Seminar in Education1

Area of Emphasis or Elective

3TLPL 479 G: Field Experiences in Education: Internship1
  Professional Writing3


Year 4

Year-long internship

Elementary Education, Year 4

Program Requirements and Major Four Year Plans


Professional Semester III



Professional Semester IV

TLPL 312: Curriculum & Instruction in Elementary Education: Mathematics3TLPL 300: Digital Learning Tools and Communities1
TLPL 321: Curriculum & Instruction in Elementary Education: Science3TLPL 478G: Professional Seminar in Education2
TLPL 446: Language Variation and Multilingualism in Elementary Classrooms3TLPL 344: Culturally Responsive Language and Literacy in Elementary Classrooms3

TLPL 343: Promoting Skilled and Motivated Readers in Elementary Classrooms, Part II

3TLPL 489G: Internship in Education: Teaching Residency9
TLPL 478G: Professional Seminar in Education1  
TLPL 489G: Internship in Education: Teaching Residency2  
Total degree credits: 123

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