Secondary mathematics education, urban schooling, alternative certification, critical pedagogy, and the sociology of education.


Andrew Brantlinger is an associate professor of mathematics education in TLPL. His research interests pertain to urban mathematics education, teacher preparation, and critical mathematics pedagogy.  Recent publications appear in Urban Education, Teachers College Record, and the Journal of Research in Mathematics Education.


Recent Articles in Refereed Journals

Brantlinger, A. (2022, March). Critical and Vocational Mathematics: Authentic Problems for Historically Marginalized Students. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.

Callahan, P. & Brantlinger, A. (accepted for publication). Wonderful Incentives, Fulfilling Career, Giving Back, and Classroom ASAP! Alternative Route Teachers’ Reasons for Entry and Retention. Education and Urban Society.

Grant, A. & Brantlinger, A. (accepted for publication). Demography as Destiny: Explaining the Turnover of Alternatively Certified Mathematics Teachers in Hard-to-Staff Schools. Teachers College Record.

Hurst, C., & Brantlinger, A. (2022). Patterns in critical incidents: Understanding teacher retention through career decision making. Teaching and Teacher Education109, 1-12.

Brantlinger, A. (2021). Entering, Staying, Shifting, Leaving, and Sometimes Returning: A Descriptive Analysis of the Career Trajectories of Two Cohorts of Alternatively Certified Mathematics Teachers. Teachers College Record123(9), 1-29.

Cooley, L., Brantlinger, A., Hannaford-Simpson, S., & Shahid, R. (2021). Presumed proficiencies, credentialism, and the pedagogy of poverty: Mathematics teachers from selective alternative route programs. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 24(1), 61-87.

Brantlinger, A., Grant, A., Miller, J., Viviani, W., Cooley, L., & Griffin, M. (2020). Maintaining Gaps in Teacher Diversity, Preparedness, Effectiveness, and Retention? A Program Theory Evaluation of Mathematics Teacher Training in the New York City Teaching Fellows. Educational Policy, 1-34.

Brantlinger, A. (2020). The Meritocratic Mystique and Mathematical Mediocrity in Hard-to-Staff Schools: A Critique of the Best and Brightest Teacher Agenda. Urban Education 55(7), 1076–1104.

Recent  Policy Briefs or Book Chapters

Brantlinger, A. & Griffin, M. (2019).  Review of “The Effectiveness of  Secondary Math Teachers from Teach For America and the Teaching Fellows Programs” (Institute  of Education Sciences, September 2013). Boulder, CO: National Education Policy Center. Retrieved  from

Branltinger, A. (2018). Humanizing and dehumanizing trends in a critical mathematics classroom. In C. Knipping, H. Straehler-Pohl, & U. Gellert (Eds.) Inside the mathematics classroom: Sociological perspectives on participation, inclusion, and enhancement. Dordrecht: Springer.


2015-2018 Principal Investigator, Examining the Career Trajectories of Urban Math Teachers from a Selective Alternative Certification Program, National Science Foundation, Core Program, ($548,929).

2009-2014 Principal Investigator, U. S. Department of Education Transition to Teaching Grant for the Maryland Science Mathematics Resident Teacher (MSMaRT) Program. ($2,000,000). Lawrence Clark, Co-PI.

TLPL 713      Foundations of Mathematics Education IV: Policy, Professional Development and Teacher Education

TLPL 790      Mixed Methods Research in Education

TLPL 792      Qualitative Research Methods II

TLPL 610     Trends in Mathematics Education

TLPL 612     Teaching Algebra in the Middle School

TLPL 616     Teaching Statistics in the Middle School