Dr. Douglas W. Anthony is the Director of the Doctorate of Education in School System Leadership and the Senior Fellow at the Center for Educational Innovation and Improvement at the University of Maryland. Anthony has over 30 years in public education working with school districts, universities and state departments of education across the country as a consultant and executive level coach. Prior to joining the university faculty, Anthony served as consulting program officer with the Wallace Foundation and a consultant with The Leadership Academy and Policy Studies Associates. Anthony served as an Associate Superintendent for one of the largest school districts in the country and brings a wealth of experience developing, securing and leading grants on school system leadership and teacher development. Anthony served in several roles throughout his career including: teacher; school development program facilitator; assistant principal; principal; director of school leadership; director of human capital management; interim chief of human resources; and executive director for talent management. He is recognized for successfully creating leadership development programs and opportunities, developing a principal pipeline, and developing strategic, meaningful partnerships. Anthony has presented nationally on several leadership topics, spoken on Capitol Hill and has been featured in several articles, podcasts and research reports on leadership.