educational entrepreurship, technology, leadership

Dr. Cohen’s degrees from Harvard University are in Administration, Planning and Social Policy.   She has been a principal and administrator at the elementary, middle school and high school levels.  She has helped start a number of successful PK-12 schools and educational programs. Her current teaching and research focus on the evolving potential and implications of Educational Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. She is on the board of College Park Academy, a clicks-and-bricks technology-centered middle and high school.  She sits on numerous campus-wide technology-based committees including the University Learning Technology Working Group and the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) Advisory Board.

Dr. Cohen is the Executive Director of The Office of Innovation and Partnerships. I&P focuses on developing local, regional, and international partnerships that promote professional education, innovation and research. It also supports the adoption of new technologies that encourage and sustain the expansion of entrepreneurial programs and enhance effective teaching and learning. 

Dr Cohen has been the project director and principal investigator for technology-related grants and a mentor to a student seed grant winners, including:

  • Fearless Ideation Workshop: Maryland Project on Avatars and Virtual Environments (M-PAVE)
  • No Teacher Left Alone: Supporting and Sustaining Professional Learning Communities
  • Virtual Supervision of Professional Development Schools (PDS)
  • Expanding the Toolkit: Innovative Teaching with Technology
  • Flip the Museum: A platform to Extend the Audience Engagement Life Cycle through the Gamification of Content 

EDHI 670: Building Learning Communities in Educational Organizations
EDHI 746: Educational Entrepreneurship
EDHI 788: Managing and Integrating Technology in Educational Organizations 
EDHI 899: Doctoral Dissertation Research