social network analysis, network interference, Bayesian statistics, statistical modeling, data science, machine learning

Tracy Sweet is an Associate Professor in the Quantitative Methodology: Measurement & Statistics (QMMS) program in the Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology.  She completed her Ph.D. in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University and a M.A. in Mathematics at Morgan State University. Her research focuses on methods for social network analysis with particular focus on multilevel social network models. Recent projects include network interference, measurement error, and missing data. She serves as the Associate Director of Research for UMCP for the Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center and is currently overseeing projects applying data science and statistical methods to large-scale educational data. Finally, Dr. Sweet is committed to improving diversity in the fields of statistics and quantitative methodology. She serves on the DEI committee for her department and the College's Council on Racial Equity and Justice, and she is interested in exploring how race and ethnicity is analyzed in quantitative methods.

University of Maryland College of Education Pre-tenure Scholarship Award 2016 


Recent Publications:

De Bacco, C., Contisciani, M., Cardoso-Silva, J., Safdari, H., Theuerkauf, D., Sweet, T., Young, J.G., Koster, J. , Ross, C.T., McElreath, R., Redhead, D. & Power, E.A. (2023). Latent Network Models to Account for Noisy, Multiply-Reported Social Network Data. Royal Statistical Society Series A: Statistics in Society.

Sweet, T. M., & Adhikari, S. (2022). A hierarchical latent space network model for mediation. Network Science, 10(2), 113-130.

Spencer, N.A., Junker, B.W. & Sweet, T.M. (2022). Faster MCMC for Gaussian latent position network models. Network Science, 10(1), 20-45.

Adhikari, S., Sweet, T. & Junker, B. (2021). Analysis of longitudinal advice-seeking network following implementation of high stake testing. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A: Statistics in Society, 184 1475-1500.

Maryland Longitudinal Data Systems Center: Research Branch. Maryland State Department of Education. Associate Director of Research. July 2019 - June 2020. $104,272.

Quantitative Research Methods for STEM Education Scholars Program. NSF Award #1937745. Co-I.  Aug 2019 - July 2022.  $996,074.

An Intervention to Promote Positive Peer Relationships and Reduce Prejudice and Bias . NIH. Co-I Sept 2019 - Aug 2023. $2,065,274.

Hierarchical Network Models: Mediation and Influence. IES (US Dept of ED) Award #305D150045. PI. July 2015 - June 2019. $828,211.

Hierarchical Network Models for Education Research: Social Networks as Mediating Variables. University of Maryland Pre-tenure Award: Support Program for Advancing Research and Collaboration. PI. Summer 2014. $15,000.


Spring 2024: EDMS 787

Fall 2018-2023: EDMS 655