Medication Administration

Whenever possible, please administer children's medications at home. For example, twice-a-day medications can be given at home before school and after school. When medications must be administered during the school day, CYC teachers are trained to do so. Medications must:

  • Be in their original container, labeled with (a) the child's first and last name, (b) date filled and doctor's name (prescriptions only), (c) expiration date, (d) name of medication, (e) strength, (f) dosage instructions and (g) storage instructions.
  • Be accompanied by a medication order form, signed by both parent and prescribing medical provider. Please print this form two-sided when possible. 

Other medication procedures:

  • Due to the possibility of allergic reaction, the FIRST dose of a new medication will not be given at the CYC.
  • Sunscreens, insect repellent, lip balm, and other non-prescription topical salves are included under the umbrella of "basic care items." We must have a medication form completed and signed by the parent only (no doctor signature required) to apply these items to a child. We recommend non-aerosol sunscreens. 
  • Under no circumstances should medications be placed in children's lunch boxes, backpacks, coat pockets, cubbies, etc. Please give all medication and basic care items to a teacher for proper storage away from children. 
  • Parents/guardians may come to school and administer medications as necessary.