ETS and UM Libraries Presents: Copyright and Fair-Use in the Digital Age

COLLEGE PARK, MD (February, 2015) – Educational Technology Services, in collaboration with the UMD Libraries, is pleased to announce its February brown-bag, “Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital Age,” on Wednesday, February 18th, at noon in 0306 Benjamin. More discussion than presentation, we hope to generate a helpful Q&A around the topic of how to navigate copyright issues in an environment where sharing and modifying the works of others is a mouse-click away. We tend to rely on fair-use as a catchall exemption, but does that always apply?

We will be joined by Andrew Horbal, Media Resources Librarian, and Tahirah Akbar-Williams, Education and Information Studies Librarian. We have outlined some topics, but plan to facilitate the discussion around your issues as College of Education faculty. Tahirah and Andrew will also be available to discuss Library resources available to help you stay in compliance while sharing the content you need to use. RSVP today, and bring your questions!

Update (2/27/15): A lively and informative presentation was provided by our guest speakers. To view an archived version of the presentation, please visit:

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