Collaborative Classroom Available in Marie Mount Hall

COLLEGE PARK, MD (March, 2015) – A newly renovated collaborative classroom is now available in 1304 Marie Mount Hall for the College of Education.

There are currently 36 seats available. Students are configured in groups of three. Each group has a flat panel screen so they may share content within their group and also with the whole class.

This type of classroom is beneficial in situations where students must work together to solve a problem or where students are able to teach and support one another.

Classroom at Marie Mount Hall    Classroom at Marie Mount Hall

For an overview of collaborative learning, please view the following video from McGill University.

Scheduling of this room space is by request. You may visit the following university link at:

For best consideration, requests are due by the following dates:

October 31 — Spring and Summer courses

January 31 — Fall and Winter courses