Light Up Your Instructional Videos!

Lightboard technology is now available
Lightboard Technology

Looking for a way to enhance your online instructional videos?  Do you want to create more engagement by having asynchronous writing demonstrations where you face your audience?

If so, using a lightboard may be the way to go.  By using clear glass or acrylic, light-reactive markers, and mirroring technology, one can provide a unique video experience that keeps you from having to turn away from your audience to draw out diagrams and key points.

Making or purchasing these setups, and finding the space to house them, made it prohibitive to have them local to Benjamin; however, DIT and the Learning Technology strategy team now offers this as a service in the nearby Edward St. John building.

According to the latest IT Insider, published by DIT:

The Lightboard is a pane of illuminated glass allowing the creation of video-based lessons that include instructor interaction with handwritten notes and drawings. You face your learners as your writing glows in front of you. DIT's learning technology strategy team can make it happen for you! Request your demonstration today.

If you have any questions, please contact our local Learning Technology Specialist, Rosalia Reyes-Webb, at